Wood is also music.

The first alphorn created with the most advanced techniques, in respect to the more ancient technique traditions. The creation of our alphorns is the result of the careful choice of materials and specially designed tools. Natural, eco-friendly, at zero-kilometer and Swiss and Ticino made.

The process of crafting starts with the choice of spruce, which is cut into form, carved with high precision, assembled with anodized aluminum bushings with four sealing rings and finally wrapped in wicker. The bell ring, the support of the mouthpiece and the wooden floor support are made of solid walnut wood.

Because it is handcrafted, each instrument can be customized, as the name engraved on the bell, the oil for woodwind instruments used to protect the inner tube, or the treatment for the external surface area of with environmentally friendly water-based products.




The accessories such as the carrying case with inside pockets (in favour of social commitment, they are handmade in a social enterprise), the mouthpieces coming in different sorts of wood (maple, pear, olive, plum, rose, ebony) and sizes, the cleaning set for horns, the grease for the bushings, the customization of the alphorn with carvings and paintings and the foot support to store the instrument.