laying-on of construction elements

Each project is entirely carried out in our workshop: from the choice of materials to the treatment of the surfaces to the mounting of the various parts.

Creativity is the only limit
Every item comes into being also thanks to the use of special machinery that makes it possible for us to deliver perfection.
Monster, a five-axle numeric-control machine (CNC) is one of our bulwarks: this machine’s various functions pave the way for an infinity of designs.

At the client’s request, we carry out different finishings: oil-based and similar ones, the old but always modern shellac, or latest-generation finishings obtained with water-soluble resins.

Mounting and laying-on of construction elements
Mounting is the last, delicate phase of the project: our attention, care and precision are indispensable in order to produce an enduring perfect outcome.

Product quality meets care for the environment
We believe that professionality also means to be attentive and proactive as regards accident prevention, certification and standards for fire-proof items, anti-burglary, phonic, origin and sustainability of the materials.

We believe in the future
We also take into account the new generations: each day, we educate and train young apprentices with passion, adhering to the most current norms where apprenticeship is concerned.